AICPA, CIMA Members Overwhelmingly Approve Proposal to Position Profession for Future. A critical role of professional associations like the AICPA is to meet the needs of members today while anticipating change and adapting to keep the profession vital tomorrow. That was the impetus for the proposal with The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) that the governing Council of the AICPA asked its members to consider in the recent membership ballot.

The results are in and the AICPA ballot passed 86.5 percent to 13.5 percent, according to independent tabulator Survey and Ballot Systems. CIMA members also endorsed the proposal 89.7 percent to 10.3 percent, according to their independent tabulator Electoral Reform Services.

This marks the start of a journey as the AICPA begins working to integrate operations and deliver additional value to its members. The new association will launch in 2017.